Hashimoto's Disease Patient Testimonial

Dr. Wu: What's your name?


Karen: Karen.


Dr. Wu: Okay tell me your story. How you got better for the Hashimoto.


Karen: Okay. So I came back on an airplane, and got very very sick.


I had a terrible sinus infection.


And I went to the doctor and I took some antibiotics.


And it stopped for a minute.


Then it came back worse with a vengeance.


So we got a second round.


And during that process my face blew up; I had bulges all over my face.

 在那个过程中,我的脸肿胀的厉害; 脸上到处都是凸包。

I had a really important engagement. I had a high school reunion.


I did not want everyone to see me with bulges on my face.


So we went to a ear nose and throat doctor.


And he gave me all these horrible medications that are stronger, and antibiotics third round.


I was so scared of taking these things because every time I took it, when I stopped it got worse.


At that point my friend Donna told me, “Come see Dr. Wu.”


And I came and he gave me an herbal mix.


I took it for one night.


The next day was the first day I had a relief from a headache, from my sinus problems, everything cleared up.


I took it for a weekend, maybe four days.


And went back to the doctor, took a blood test.


No more Hashimoto’s!


Dr. Wu: Congratulations!


Karen: Thank you!


Dr. Wu: Just let go, that's it.


Karen: It is amazing!


Thank you, Dr. Wu.


Dr. Wu: You are welcome!