Patient with prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc can walk again after one hour of treatment!

Patient: Mr. Chen, male, 86 years old.
Conditions: prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc (L4,5) compressing the sciatic nerve. Patient was feeling pain in the right side of the waist and right leg, and radiating numbness and pain in the right hip, thigh, and calf area. He has not been able to bend, stand or walk for a day. 
Tongue Diagnosis: The color of the tongue was dark and dull, the moss on the tongue was white and thick. 
Body Exam: When pressing on Huatuo Jiaji points on the right side of the waist area L4 and L5, patient felt strong pain. The soft tissue at Weizhong Xue (BL40) was hard as steel. The straight leg raising test result was positive.
TCM Diagnosis: spleen and kidney yang deficiency. There were blockages in the Bladder Meridian caused by wind, cold and dampness. Pain was caused by these blockages. 
TCM Treatment: Tonify spleen and kidney yang qi, and expel wind and cold to unblock the Bladder Meridian.
Specific Methods Used: 
1: Tui Na for half an hour. 
2. Warm water foot bath with sea salt for half an hour, 
3. Chinese medicine oral administration of Jin Qui Shen Qi Wan, plus herbal tea made with Zhen Di Gen 15g, Tian Niu Li 20g, Spatholobus 30g, Chuan Shan Long 10g, Ma Tai Gen 10g, and Chou Cao 10g. Once a day for five consecutive days.

This video was taken after the patient had only one hour of Tui Na treatment and sea salt foot bath. His waist and leg pain disappeared and he can walk!

患者陈某,男,86岁,腰椎间盘(L4,5) 突出症,压迫坐骨神经,右腰腿疼痛、右臀部、大腿、小腿外侧放射性麻痹痛,完全不能弯腰,不能下地站立及行走一天。舌淡暗,苔白腻厚,检查:腰4,5 右侧华佗夹脊穴处压痛明显,委中穴处软组织硬如钢铁,直腿抬高试险阳性, 中医辨证:脾肾阳虚,风寒湿阻滞,寒则收引,膀胱经阻滞不通,不通则痛。中医治法,补脾肾之阳气,祛风散寒通络,治疗处施:1。推拿半小时。2。海盐温水泡脚半小时,3。中药内服金匮肾气丸加镇地根15 克甜牛力20 鸡血藤30 川山龙10 马胎根10 臭草10 煎水服,日一剂,连续五剂.

视频: 本病案经推拿和海盐泡脚一小时的治疗后奇迹般的腰腿疼痛僵硬消失,下地行走自如。