Dr. Wu and Traditional Chinese Medicine help me to healing Lymphoma!

Thank you letter from a lymphoma patient

Dear Dr. Wu:

Thank you very much for saving my life!

I am a cancer patient (had breast cancer twice and lymphoma for 10 years). I am also your fellow TCM practitioner. I graduated from Shanghai Medical University and Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I had lymphoma from 2002 to 2009, with a total of 6 recurrences. I had 6 chemotherapy and radioimmunotherapy sessions. But the remission period was only 3 to 10 months after each chemotherapy session. My last chemotherapy in 2009 ended on September 18, and it has been 2 years and 3 months now. In April 2011, I found a subcutaneous lymphoid mass in my armpit near the lower edge of the right scapula. It grew from the size of a soy bean to 4x3x1.5cm in a week.


By convention, I will have to go through the pain of CT scans, biopsy and chemotherapy again. Fortunately, God let me find you. You have unselfishly taught me your valuable knowledges without any reservations, giving me great encouragement and guidance. I didn't go to see my lymphatic specialist. I treated myself with concentrated Chinese medicine powder according to your advice. After 4 and a half months, the mass disappeared completely, and I am healthy again.


I have been to the Hippocrates Health Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida in the summer of 2006 for a three-week Life Style Changing Program. The various classes you offer are more rich and practical than theirs. Moreover, their tuitions are too high and too commercial.


I admire you very much. You are a truly noble white warrior (to fight diseases). Your medical skills and medical ethics are very good, and an example for all doctors to learn. I am honored to have the opportunity to meet you. You reach out and rescue me from the painful abyss. No language can express the deep gratitude from me and my husband. I hope that you will achieve even greater achievements in the coming years!


 Dr. Qiu

January 3, 2012


Dr. Wu’s note

Even healthy people may have cancer cells in their bodies. As long as the body's immune function is normal, these cancer cells can be eliminated or inhibited, thus will not cause problems. Therefore, to treat or prevent cancer, it is vital to cultivate and improve the body's own immunity. Western medicine methods such as CT scan, biopsy and chemotherapy are destructive tests and treatments. Using western treatments, even though the cancer cells are eliminated, the immune function of the human body is also severely damaged. The immune function is impaired, and the cancer can reoccur. This is why after chemotherapy, the remission period is often only a few months. Therefore, western medicine only cures the symptoms. Chinese medicine treatment of cancer focuses on cultivating and improving the body's own immunity. When the body’s immunity is improved, cancer cells will naturally disappear, and both the symptoms and the root causes are eliminated.




我是一位癌症病人(两次乳癌和10年淋巴癌),也是您的同道,毕业于上海医科大学和上海中医大学的中西医结合医师。从2002年到2009年,我患淋巴癌,共复发6次,经历了6次化疗和放射免疫治疗,每次化疗只有3至 10个月的缓解期,又再复发,最后一次化疗于2009年9月18日结束,至今2年3个月。其中在今年4月,我右肩胛骨下角旁、腋窝后壁内,又生出一皮下淋巴肿块,一周内从黄豆大小,迅速长大到4x3x1.5cm。


我曾于2006年夏去Hippocrates Health Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida参加了三周的Life Style Changing Program。从网上看到您所开办的各种学习班,要比他们的要丰富实用的多,而且,他们的费用太高、太商业化了。







Wei Li