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What is Fengyang Taoist Chinese Medicine?

Fengyang Taoist Chinese Medicine (Fengyang TCM) is a 1,750 years old system of Chinese Medicine that includes:

  • Herbal Medicine (herbal mixtures and preparations)

  • External Medicine (powders, creams, and etc.)

  • Fengyang Tai Chi

  • Fengyang Qi Gong

  • Long Distance Healing

  • Tui Na Acupressure

  • High End Healing Teas & Herbal Infusions

Fengyang Chinese Medicine is a complete system of holistic healing. It is comprised of many parts which all work together as equal parts of a whole; none of them are separate from the another.

All of these have been handed down practitioner to practitioner for more than 1,750 years — all the way back to Dong Feng himself in 220 AD. The ancient methods are still practiced today. All parts of the Fengyang TCM system have long since been refined down to a science, and perfected.


The Story of Fengyang Chinese Medicine

Dong Feng was the founder of the Fengyang Chinese Medicine system. Dong Feng himself was said to have lived to over 300 years old. This may just be an old folk tale, but it is very possible he knew practices which were able to greatly improve his health and longevity.

Teacher of Many

Dong Feng lived in Fengyang city, China during the “Three Kingdoms” period (220-280 AD). There he freely shared many of his powerful secrets on improving personal health and curing diseases with the locals, as many of them were sick and poor.

Cured Thousands

Since the people about him were poor, Dong Feng did not charge for treatment. However every patient he cured was asked to plant apricot trees next to his house (to sell the fruits and increase their income). A few years later over 100,000 apricot trees were planted in Fengyang, and the apricot tree woods on Lu Mountain still exist to this day.

Practices Were Widespread

During the Three Kingdoms period (220-280 AD), Dong Feng’s powerful methods were well known in the Fengyang area. They were based on Feng’s deep medical knowledge, ancient Taoist teachings and Zen Buddhism practices.  They remained widespread until the Ming Dynasty, many centuries later.

Hidden Away

After the fall of the Ming Dynasty in 1644, the rulers of the new Qing Dynasty tightened their grip on Fengyang to prevent rebellion. Due to political reasons, people could only practice Dong Feng’s methods in secret.

Almost Destroyed

Towards the end of the Qing Dynasty (early 1900-1910’s), almost everyone in Fengyang forgot how to practice Dong Feng’s ancient healing methods. The practice was almost entirely destroyed.

Narrowly Saved

Fortunately, some of Feng’s disciples moved to what is now called Guangdong Province, and his healing practices were passed down, practitioner to practitioner, to this day. There, they call it “Medicine from Fengyang.”

Dr. Ming Wu, 20th Generation Fengyang Practitioner

Dong Feng’s ancient practices and secret medicines have been passed down through traditional apprenticeship for 1,750 years. Ming Wu’s father, Muqing Wu, was a 19th generation practitioner of Fengyang Medicine. That makes Dr. Wu the 20th generation.