Lower High Blood Pressure

I first met Ming when I took his Tai Chi class in Acton about 6 years ago.

In 2007 I left to spend several years in CA, since I was on hydrochlorothiazide for high blood pressure I asked Ming for advice, and he prescribed the Sun Garden formula for high blood pressure for me. I brought it along to CA, and I did Tai Chi as best I remembered on a mountain top in the Redwoods every morning.

When I returned from CA I had run out of the herbs for high blood pressure and called the office to order a new supply. But Ming said “Not so fast, I need to see you first”

That was about a year ago. Ming explained that I needed more than just the herbs, as a matter of fact, I should only take them during stress when my BP started to go up, but that I simply had to change my lifestyle. The reason for the blood pressure being high was systemic inflammation and stress, the way to cure that would be to learn how to destress and to become a vegetarian, to drink Pu Er tea in copious amounts every day, to enjoy Mila shakes on a regular basis, and to eat no meat and dairy products (fish, eggs and now and then a bit of chicken was OK, lots of vegetables & fruit, almonds, brown rice, other grains & almond milk, little salt, little sugar, interesting spices and teas). In addition Ming would give me a monthly treatment and Sherman a monthly massage. A couple of other things were added: small magnets on certain pressure points in the ears and little “candles” to apply heat to certain other pressure points. And Ming taught me how to meditate in order to destress and about the concepts of Dao.

I also have made it my habit to practice Qi Gong to Ming’s tape first thing in the morning, and during the day I often take a brake and do one of the routines or a bit of standing meditation ... and “when the bus arrives,” I just continue with my job at hand. Like a mini-vacation to the “just now!”—always living life in the moment.

The result: My blood pressure has become normal (avg. 124/76) , no more Western medication!

But that’s not all. My frequent nosebleeds have become a thing of the past. I discovered my clothes started hanging loose: a weight loss of 15 lbs. In addition I also found that my arthritic back and joints didn’t hurt anymore (my prescribed pain medication didn’t need to be refilled last year, because almost no tablets were taken). About a year ago I could barely creep along, but on Thanksgiving Day 2011 I participated in a 5K walk for hunger in Washington, D.C. and then went on to celebrate the rest of the day with my family: no fatigue, no pain. Awesome!

Listen to Ming!