Chronic mylogenous leukemia-- pregnant and still cancer-free now

慢性粒细胞白血病 2.jpg

I had had chronic mylogenous leukemia for 9 years, which was suppressed with
chemotherapy pills. Although, leukemia was suppressed, it was never cured,
and as soon as I quit the drugs, it came back. I had to suffer side effects
and couldn’t get pregnant because of the drugs. Over the course of 9 years,
I had tried many things and challenged Western medicine in every possible
way, but the condition stubbornly remained.

Dr. Wu gave me herbs and private sessions, 1 x week, for 1.5 months. When I
was around him, my mind was transformed forever. However, 1.5 months, I
stopped seeing him, because I ran out of money and got scared his therapy
didn’t work. However, I had continued following his dietary advice, dong Qi
Gong every day and believing in his advice. 4 months later I found out that I
was pregnant and the cancer was gone.

Today, I am 22 weeks pregnant and still cancer-free. I continue what Dr. Wu
started and hope to remain healthy.

Eternally grateful and blessed,

Z.N. Simsbury, CT.