Weight Loss with Qi Gong/Pigu

While in New England, I went to see Dr. Ming Wu in August, 2002. I was interested in alternative medicine and I needed to lose weight. I was surprised when he used the Chinese energy healing method for weight loss called Pi Gu. He proceeded to "shrink" my stomach from a few feet away. He told me to eat when hungry and drink when thirsty. He also showed me a few Pi Gu exercises. I was skeptical until my first meal. I wasn't hungry and ate about a fourth of my meal. I wasn't weak and my energy level increased. This continued and I lost ten pounds in seven weeks. I took Dr. Ming Wu's healing classes and learned how to do Pi Gu myself. I went back to California with renewed energy. I felt like swimming and walked the dogs every day. I enjoyed the light feeling in my stomach. Smaller portions were truly satisfying. I began to crave Brussels sprouts and fresher foods. What amazed me is how I stopped worrying and obsessing about food. By April, 2003, I had lost thirty-five pounds. Slender, (and receiving ample compliments), I was relieved that the burden of feeling heavy was behind me. I began to love clothes again. I began to help other people to heal. To this day, I maintain my entire weight loss. I can't imagine gaining it back because I know the feeling of being balanced and enjoy my relationship with food. I used to think that I had to work out like crazy and follow diets to be thin. Now, I know better. Pi Gu makes perfect sense to me. In my experience, it is the most natural and effective way to lose weight. I'm very grateful to Dr. Ming Wu. 

Catherine Miller Barker