Asthma Treatment

I, Carol Young, am a 52-year old white female. Through the use of Tradition Chinese Medicine, I was able to stop using my Proventil inhaler (albuterol) for asthma after receiving 3 acupressure treatments. I have suffered from severe asthma for 17 years. During this time I had increased the usage of my inhaler from the prescribed dosage of 8 inhalations per 24 hours to 12 inhalations per 24 hours. My family physician told me, I could not take more than 8 inhalations per day. I felt that I needed more than 8 inhalations to control my asthma on a daily basis. I was extremely upset and was afraid that I might die when my medication was cut back. At this point I knew I needed something else.

Ming Jie Wu, a tradition Chinese Medical doctor gave me 3 acupressure treatments over an 11 day period. The treatments were on June 5, June 13 and June 16, 1995. During this period my inhalations on a daily basis dropped from 12 to 5. Then over the next 20 days, they dropped to zero. Ming Jie Wu, then treated me with Chinese herbal patches placed on my back, on July 23, Aug 2, and Aug 13, 1995. Although I have remained on a Beclovent inhaler, I have ceased using my Proventil inhaler, and have remained symptom free at this time.