Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

I had just moved to West Hartford in January 2005 having left a marriage of four years. During the marriage I had developed a number of health concerns, the most serious was B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. I was able to correlate the onset of the symptoms with specific negative attitudes and stress, although I didn't seem able to shift away from those feelings. What a humbling that was for a psychotherapist and an elder of 72 years of age! Although I had pretty much chosen alternative healing in my life, I succumbed to pressure to have the lesions on my skin treated with radiation. More lesions appeared every time there was turmoil in the relationship. I had them surgically removed, a practice that is used primarily in Japan. The day I moved out two more lesions appeared and I scheduled to have them removed in March. In the meantime, I had serendipitously found Ming when I was getting a massage in January. I began seeing him weekly for Chi Gong healing. I also attended his Tuesday night free healing workshop in West Hartford. At that time, my immune system was pretty weak and people in the class remember me as pale and tense. In March I had the lesions removed and a biopsy of the tissue showed no evidence of cancer. I credit my 3-month treatment with Ming as the catalyst for my healing from cancer. His belief is that when Chi (energy) flows freely in the body, the body has the capacity to heal itself. Not only am I cancer free; I am incredibly happy and optimistic about the future. My energy level is high again and in May I enjoyed a wonderful trip to China with Dr. Wu.

Norma Lahainer, West Hartford