Treating Glaucoma

On January 22th Ed had an appointment with an optomotrist for an eye exam for new glasses. During this exam the doctor informed Ed that the pressure in his right eye was too high, he had glaucoma, and told him to make an appointment with an opthamologist to get medication to treat his glaucoma. On Feb. 4th we scheduled an appointment for Ed to see an opthamologist, this gave me a few days to work on him......

I contacted Dr. Ming Wu for medication, opened my lazy bum healing book for treatment of glaucoma, then did tuina, acustones, magnets, pounding, guasha, cupping, dowsing, etc. all this in an attempt to lower the pressure, well, it worked.

Last Thursday Ed had his appointment and the pressure in his right eye was exactly the same as his left eye, 19, in the normal range. So, thank you to all my friends for teaching me the various techniques to treat this condition, couldn't have done it without your help. :o)