Chemical Sensitivity

Eleven years ago, I suffered a chemical injury to my respiratory system and developed asthma, chronic bronchitis and sinusitis and a chemical sensitivity to hygiene, cleaning and building products. I heard through a friend that a Dr. Ming Wu had stopped her daughter's seizures and hoped that he might be able to help me too. By this time, nine years into my injury, my problems had progressed to making me housebound to avoid becoming ill from the chemicals present in the outside world and the painkillers I was taking for the debilitating pain throughout my body were no longer having any affect.

In my first appointment, Dr. Wu performed what I now know is Qi Gong energy work, Tui Na and cupping and he sent me home with herbs to take for the month until my next appointment. The following morning I woke up with no pain! I didn't trust that it wouldn't come back… but it hasn't!

In the two years since that first appointment, I have taken Dr. Wu's Tui Na, Qi Gong and Tai Chi classes and established a daily Qi Gong practice. It is through these classes and doing Tai Chi and Qi Gong that I have learned how to help myself by supporting my immune system, opening meridians to release pain and keeping myself emotionally and physically healthy.

I consider that Ming Wu saved my life and that his continued caring, and knowledgeable support is one of the greatest gifts I have experienced.


February 2008

Canton, Connecticut