Severe Eczema

My name is Susan Ahern and my story begins about a year and a half ago. I started with itching around my ears, which was diagnosed as “cradle cap” and I was given a medication. From there, it traveled to my back at which time I decided to go to a Dermatologist. This person who barely even looked at me told me that it was just a rash and gave me some sort of horrible cream mediation that did not work. After several months of tests including biopsies for allergies and blood work and again horrible creams, I was diagnosed with Eczema. Well, at this point, I started to loose my hair and the Eczema had started to spread to my entire body. I became very depressed and was prescribed an anti-depressant. I began seeing another Dermatologist who started me on Photo Light Treatments which did give me a little bit of relief through out my body but, I was still loosing my hair. After an unbelievable amount of money, home remedies and medications, I decided as a last resort to start taking The Mila Seed. Several months had gone by and my hairdresser started to see hair grow back where my Dermatologist said would never happen!!!!

Well, it is now a year and I can tell you that I have so much hair on my head and am freeof Eczema!!! I feel that this “MIRACLE SEED MILA” has totally turned my life around and I am no longer on an anti-depressant.

I thank god that this product was out there for me!!!!!! It turned my life around!! And

thank you to the distributor, Michele Vinson, who introduced me to Mila and encouraged

me to use it


Sue Ahern

Farmington, CT