Ovarian Cyst - Pregnancy Issues

Laura's Testimony:

I'd like you to share my experience of ovary cancer.

My experience with Dr. Ming Wu began with a 911 call. I had fainted and my husband called an ambulance. A neighbor had noticed the paramedics at our house and inquired about what had happened when we returned from the hospital. I explained to her that I was suffering from my third bout with an ovarian cyst and this time the cyst had ruptured and cause me to pass out. I told her about my two previous surgeries to remove the two cysts that had formed in my ovaries and it looked as though I would be undergoing surgery again. I explained to her how upset I was as I had been trying to get pregnant for many years and the cysts that were developing on my ovaries was making conception impossible for me. My neighbor suggested that I try a new approach to treating my ovarian cyst and suggested I see Dr. Ming Wu a Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor. Since the doctors that were treating me previously offered me no guarantee the cysts would not keep returning, I reluctantly decided to try Dr. Ming Wu. On 7-23-99 I saw Dr. Wu for the first time. At the time, I did not know how deeply Dr. Wu would change my life forever. He began Tui Na treatments that day and gave me Chinese herbs that I made into tea for 10 days. The tea tasted terrible! I saw Dr. Wu again at the end of the 10 days and complained about the taste of the tea. He then suggested I take a formula he had created called Nu Bao #1 or Women's Treasure. I took the herbs as he prescribed for 4 weeks. By week 5, my ovarian cyst was completely gone and surgery was no longer necessary. During my follow-up visit at week 6, I joyfully told Dr. Wu that I was finally pregnant! Now, 3 years later I am pregnant with my second child and seeing Dr. Wu regularly to help me monitor my pregnancy.