Fengyang Tai Chi Part 5 of 5: Movements 13-24 (left view)

Fengyang Tai Chi Part 5 of 5: Movements 13-24 (left view)


Click here to read: Health Benefits of Tai Chi - why 250 million people in the world practice Tai Chi? By Dr. Wu

Tai Chi has been practiced in China for over 700 years. Today, 250 million people worldwide are practicing Tai Chi for its great health benefits.

Tai Chi can:

Help blood circulation

Improve balance, and alignment

Improve flexibility

Help restore energy

Build muscle strength in the whole body

Improve mental health, and psychosocial well-being

promote serenity and inner peace

Reduce stress

And more…

In this set of 5 videos, Dr. Ming Wu personally demonstrates the 24 movements of Fengyang Tai Chi Chuan. You can learn Tai Chi with Dr. Wu from the comfort of your home — on your own time, and your own schedule.

Introduction to Fengyang Tai Chi:

Fengyang Tai Chi is developed by Dr. Ming Wu, based on his 40 years of experience practicing Tai Chi, under the guidance of his mentor, a fifth generation Yang style Tai Chi master Gin Soon Chu. It is an easy-to-learn exercise method and practice routine that is more suitable for the purpose of improving one’s health and wellness, and spiritual alignment of the body and mind.

Fengyang Tai Chi combines the essence of traditional Yang style Tai Chi and Fengyang Internal Practice (内功). It integrates the insight meditation (内观) and the soft wrapping practice (缠丝软势拳) of the Fengyang Internal Practice, with the Yang style Tai Chi. Based on the principle of the body and mind unity, Fengyang Tai Chi incorporates conditioning the heart, the breathing, and the body into Tai Chi practice. Guided by the Taoist philosophy of the interdependence of yin and yang, it emphasizes on the internal practice of Dan Tian breathing. Through the practice of the Fengyang twenty-four style Tai Chi, one can gain the superior internal power of the body, mind and spirit unification.

Fengyang Tai Chi aims to improve the heart and mind through practice of the routine movements. Guided by the principles of "focusing on insight meditation, and also including physical improvement" and “reaching stillness through movement, and combining movement and stillness together”, Fengyang Tai Chi avoids the issues of some Tai Chi practices that Tai Chi becomes merely an exercise form or empty theories. Fengyang Tai Chi is more suitable for spiritual seekers and Zen practitioners. It can help one realize the truth of “who am I”. It can also help cancer patients and patients with difficult-to-cure diseases or chronic diseases to stimulate the body's self-healing potential, thus regaining physical health. It helps practitioners reach the goal of strong body, longevity, Wu Wei, living in the present, and wishes coming true!

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