Maosheng Liubao Tea(Black Tea) - 7 Year Fermentation

Maosheng Liubao Tea(Black Tea) - 7 Year Fermentation



28 packs per box, 5 grams per pack, total weight 140 grams.

The history and culture of Liubao Tea

The history of Liubao Tea can be traced back to 1500 years ago. According to the annual report of China's tea events, the production of tea in the Xijiang and Lancang River basin region started as early as 560 AD. Record shows that Liubao tea was already listed as one of the 24 famous teas in China in 1801, more than 200 years ago. The town of Liubao has the perfect climate for growing top grade tea. The unique processing method give Liubao tea 4 distinctive characteristics: red, strong, aged, and pure.

Proper brewing method

Liubao tea belongs to the black tea category. It is best to be brewed with boiling water.

1. Tea set: it is best to use a clay pot with good heat preservation performance.

2, The amount of tea: put one pack (5 grams) of Liubao tea into the tea pot.

3, Pour off the first brew to open the leaves (brewing time: 2-3 seconds).

4, Second brew: pouring boiling water into the tea pot and wait for 7 to 10 seconds, pour and enjoy.

5, Increase steep time longer as you reach the final brews.  

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