Ku Ding Cha

Ku Ding Cha


Net Wt: 250g

About Ku Ding Cha

Ku Ding Cha is a beverage tea consumed in China as an alternative to the more common, ordinary green tea. Ku Ding describes this particular beverage tea: ku means bitter, which aptly describes the initial taste, and ding is a Chinese character that looks like a spike, depicting the appearance of the dried, long leaves when they are twisted into a narrow nail-like piece; they can also be formed into balls or rolls.

Ku Ding Cha was described in a classical book on Chinese medicinal herbs - Bencao Gangmu Shiyi (1765), originally called Dong Qing, which refers to the fact that it is an evergreen tree (dong means winter, and qing means green; it is the tree that stays green through the winter). 

Because of its cooling function, Ku Ding Cha is not suitable for those with low blood pressure, weak digestive system, cold stomach, acid reflux, or for women during pregnancy or have recently given birth or are breast feeding, and for women during menstruation.

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