Cooking with Chi with Dr. Ming Wu

Cooking with Chi with Dr. Ming Wu


If you have ever eaten the food that Dr. Wu prepared, you know how deliciously and healthy it is! In this video, Ming teaches you how to make six Chinese dishes with simple ingredients. The results are not only scrumptious, but can also replenish your Chi!

Having touble finding time to practice Tai Chi or Qi Gong? In this video, you will learn from Master Ming Wu how to practice Tai Chi and Qi Gong movements while cooking. When cooking with Chi, not only you will get the benefits of practicing Tai Chi, you will also energize your food with positive energy, making it even more deliously and healthy!

Recipes included in this video:

  1. Organic Brown Rice with Sweet Yam

  2. Organic Daikon PIckled Salad

  3. Chinese Dumpling Stuffing

  4. Chinese Rice Dumpling

  5. Chinese Wheat Dumpling

  6. Chinese Stir Fry

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