Tui Na certification workshop

Tui Na certification workshop


Time: Sat and Sun Sept 7-8, 2019 from 10-6pm

Location: 45 S Main St, West Hartford, CT 06107

Dr. Wu will teach you all he learned through 30 years of practice!

Learn How To:

  • Use 9 easy acupressure lines NOW to treat any condition (Dr. Wu uses these for every patient he sees!)

  • Use the 1,730 year old "Instant Pain Elimination Technique" to instantly eliminate aches, pains, and other conditions

  • Use 10 simple points to find instant relief from 10 every-day problems (knee pain, shoulder pain, headaches, hip pain, low back pain, etc.)

  • Easily find Qi blockages along the 9 acupressure lines

  • Open them up & restore Qi flow (treat conditions)

  • Heal others & heal yourself - for a lifetime.

  • Apply the correct type of pressure at the right time (and how to determine this for yourself)

  • And learn how to treat:

    • sprained ankles

    • broken bones

    • fractures

    • herniated discs

    • arthritis

    • dislocated joints

    • torn muscles and more!

This is a two-day workshop for those who wants to obtain a Tui Na certification.

Note: To qualify for the Tui Na certification, you will also need to finish 50 hours of Tui Na practice (for at least 10 people).

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