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Tui Na Workshop Level 1

  • Wu Healing Center 76 Nason Street Maynard, MA, 01754 United States (map)

Learn A Life Saving Skill!

Join Dr. Wu for a one day Tui Na therapy workshop!

Dr. Wu will teach you everything you need to know to begin healing yourself and healing others as soon as you leave the workshop!


Learn How To:

  • Use 9 easy acupressure lines NOW to treat any condition (Dr. Wu uses these for every patient he sees!)

  • Use the 1,730 year old "Instant Pain Elimination Technique" to instantly eliminate aches, pains, and other conditions

  • Use 10 simple points to find instant relief from 10 every-day problems (knee pain, shoulder pain, headaches, hip pain, low back pain, etc.)

  • Easily find Qi blockages along the 9 acupressure lines

  • Open them up & restore Qi flow (treat conditions)

  • Heal others & heal yourself - for a lifetime.

  • Apply the correct type of pressure at the right time (and how to determine this for yourself)


Learn a skill which could save lives!