What we can learn from materialist dialectics on cancer treatment? By Dr. Ming Wu


Materialist dialectics believes that external factors are the conditions for change, internal factors are the basis for change, and external factors act through internal factors.

For example, eggs can turn into chickens given proper temperature, but no right temperature can change stones into chickens, because the basis of the two is different.

There are two causes of cancer (pathogenic factors): internal and external causes. The internal cause needs to be found by patient himself. No expert (Chinese or Western medicine oncologist) can replace you. "Who am I" is the most important question in life.

Part of the external cause can be the doctor's responsibility. If one leaves 100% of the responsibility to the doctor, it will only end in failure. Our ancestor, Liu Yuansu, one of the four famous Chinese medicine masters of the Jing and Yuan Dynasties, proposed the principle of "70% patient’s work, 30% doctor’s treatment", which is the best solution for cancer treatment.

Wei LiComment