Natural Awakenings magazine interview with Dr. Ming Wu

What drew you to the profession?

Dr. Wu is a 20th generation TCM practitioner from China. He has studied TCM since he was 7 years old and began learning the various techniques from his father at an early age. The Fengyang TCM system he practices has been practiced in China for more than 1,700 years.

How does your work differ from others in your profession?

Dr. Wu embodies the principles he teaches others, leading by example and continually seeking to learn. He says it is a lifetime of learning that allows him to help his patients; he always wants to know what else he can do for them. New services and techniques will always be offered at the center.

What should a client of patient expect from working with you?

Patients can expect a practitioner who will take a careful and detailed assessment of their health concerns and partner with them on their journey. Different TCM modalities may be used as needed. The path to wellness will likely include qigong and tai chi movement, herbal remedies, as well as diet and positive lifestyle changes.

What is most important for people to know about you and Wu Healing Center?

Qigong, which is translated as “energy cultivation,” is the foundation of achieving and maintaining good health. Tai chi is a form of qigong that allows a person to go deeper into their practice. Dr. Wu and the practitioners at Wu Healing Center love teaching qigong and tai chi and they invite people to experience these ancient practices with them during one of the many weekly classes offered at the center or one of the workshops.