Stopping Milk and Dairy Solved My Daughter's Skin Problem

My daughter is 5 years old. Since about 2 years ago, she has been complaining about her skin being itchy, usually before bedtime and when waking up in the morning. It got to the point that I had to scratch her body almost every night, sometimes up to 20 min before she can fall asleep. I thought it was caused by the dry air, so I tried to sooth her by applying a lot of lotion on her body, but it only helps temporarily. Two months ago, I mentioned to Dr. Ming Wu about my daughter’s condition. He suggested that I stop giving her milk and diary for 3 months and see if her condition will improve. He said that about 60% of his patients who had skin or digestive problems were cured simply by stop consuming milk and diary. I listened to his advice. One month later, my daughter stopped complaining about itchy skin. Now it has been two months and I noticed that her skin is much smoother and more moist than before. I didn’t know that itchy skin is a symptom of being allergic to milk. I had researched online, but even the well trusted medical websites do not list it as an allergy symptom for milk. I am very grateful to Dr. Wu, who found the root cause of my daughter’s skin problem