Seizures Stopped with Tui Na Massage Treatments

I’m Grateful Beyond Words for Dr. Ming Wu, Who Stopped My Seizures with his Tui Na.

Spaced several months apart, throughout 2012 I had 3 grand mal seizures at night. No brain abnormalities or problems were discovered in numerous tests like MRI’s. Consequently, 2 neurologists found no specific cause for my problem, but they prescribed medication. I chose other approaches like nutrition, exercise, Tong Ren (1) and other relaxation techniques. Starting in May 2013, 3 seizures occurred within a couple of months of each other.

I’m so grateful that LuAnn Fountaine, my Tong Ren practitioner, recommended Tui Na Massage with Dr. Ming Wu. (2) She thought that I might need physical contact to open any blockage in my neck. She was right. I had never heard of Tui Na Massage, which is a medical treatment discovered in China about 5000 years ago. (3)

In November 2013, I started my 1 hour Tui Na treatments. In addition to my head and neck, Dr. Wu’s warm hands pressured, kneaded, gently shook, massaged and rocked areas in my back, arms, legs, and feet. When he pressed C2 in my neck, I felt pain. My neck was so blocked without my awareness. After 2 sessions, he was able to work with me and my neck to unblock it. As Dr. Wu says, “You’ve got to touch the ‘ouch spot’ to heal the root cause of a problem”. I haven’t had a seizure since I started working with Dr. Wu, and it’s now August 2014.

By unblocking my neck, the chi could flow into my brain in a more balanced way. According to Chinese medical experts, there is no adequate translation of “chi” into English. Chi seems to be a combination of bio-electricity, bio-energy, and the life force; which is found in the blood and along meridians and points throughout the body. No test measures chi. With this perspective, Tui Na helps to regulate the body’s bio-electric and bio-energetic systems .

To promote health and healing, Dr. Wu works in partnership with patients. He educated me and gave homework to help me reduce neck tension. In addition to meditation to get to know myself better, my daily assignment was to press points along the base of my skull and points throughout my head. On-going Tui Na sessions with Dr. Wu are contributing to my over-all well-being.

I wondered if there is any research about eliminating or reducing seizures with removal of neck blockages and/or upper neck adjustments to promote better flow of chi into the brain. So far, I’ve found one article on line that shows a relationship between upper neck adjustments and ending seizures for a five-year old Hopefully, more anecdotal reports and research in this area will be available to give patients and doctors more options to treat people, who suffer from seizures.


1.    Tong Ren is a modality that can free and balance chi without physical contact. (

2.    Dr. Ming Wu, AOBTA-CP, Ph.D., doctor of Chinese Medicine, is also a third generation Chinese Herbalist, Master Tai Chi and Qi Gong practitioner, and founder of the Wu Healing Center in West Hartford, Ct.

3.    Tui Na Massage can be a vehicle for diagnosis, treatment, and preventation. Today there are Tui Na Departments in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) hospitals in China. This medical modality can be used for both adults and children to treat numerous conditions including joint and muscle pains, digestive problems, hypertension, stokes, and cancer. There are practitioners world wide.

Barbara E.

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