Patient Thank You Letter: Asthma of 15 years Was Gone After One Visit!

no asthma.jpg

Hello Dr. Wu,

I want to thank you again very much for curing me of my asthma condition! My asthma is completely gone! It is remarkable that after suffering from asthma for 15 years, I no longer have any asthma symptoms at all! And this is after having only one treatment at your office. Wow! I have not needed any asthma medicines since I left your office 6 weeks ago. I feel great. I can breath so deeply and no longer feel painful crushing knots in my back. Also, as an added benefit, I can now smell and taste things once again. My entire body feels energized and healthier! The traditional medicines that I had been taking for my asthma prior to seeing you were no longer working effectively, and were causing other undesirable side effects.  It is a huge relief that I don’t have to be concerned about this any longer.  Words cannot express how grateful I am to you! You are a true Healer.  Also, your Tong Ren class is so interesting and healing as well. Thank you! 

Most Sincerely,


Wei Li