Lower high blood pressure with Pu Er Tea

Dear Dr. Wu. Here's some words of recommendation for your good works. I hope they can be helpful to you. Use all of it or any part, as you wish. I thank you again for your attention and help. I sing your praises to all who will listen.

Pu Er Tea Lower my high blood pressure

Recently I sought help from Dr. Wu after years of concern about high blood pressure. I have been more and more reluctant to take the medicine prescribed by the various medical practitioners. I was concerned about side effects and felt there must be another way to control symptoms - maybe even lower my pressure with something other than traditional western medicine.

Within two weeks, using the teas and massage provided by Dr. Wu and his staff, my blood pressure fell well within normal limits and has remained there. In addition, I feel more energetic, sleep better, and enjoy a more positive view of life generally. Other troubling health issues (digestive difficulties, hip and knee pain) have been alleviated.

I believe in Dr. Wu's philosophy and treatments. He takes the time to consider the individual as a whole being, rather than focusing totally on specific ailments. His methods address the wellness and balance of all health systems.

He and his staff are concerned, friendly and professional. His web site provides good information on his training and expertise in the areas of Chinese medicine.

Western medicine certainly has an important place in our society and we are lucky to have the advanced technology. Having said that, I find that there are other ways to treat common ailments and those that seem to be associated with aging. I highly recommend Dr. Wu as a practitioner who can bring greater health and wellness to those who chose to follow his recommendations.