15 Health Benefits of Puerh Tea and Special Sale 20% Off Happy Mountain Raw Puerh (Limited Time)

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What is puerh?

Puerh is an aged, fermented tea that comes from the Yunnan province in China. Puerh tea is unique because it’s made from a natural fermentation process. This process oxidizes the plant’s leaves, amplifying its antioxidant benefits.

It also contributes to the tea’s distinct flavor and aroma. Although puerh has a robust, earthy base, its profile will develop over time. That means the longer it’s stored, the more flavorful it will taste.

Puerh's potential health benefits

1. It’s antioxidant

Pu-erh tea contains antioxidants, which can help prevent damage caused by free radicals.

2. It’s antibacterial

Its  antibacterial properties  can help protect your body from harmful bacteria, such as E. coli. You can also use it topically to help treat mild bacteria-driven conditions like acne.

3. It’s anti-inflammatory

The tea’s anti-inflammatory properties may help ease redness, swelling, and other irritation. They may also soothe pain caused by inflammatory conditions, like arthritis.

4. It may help prevent photoaging

Puerh may even help protect the skin from photoaging, or signs of aging caused by sun damage.

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5. It may help reduce bodily toxins

Puerh tea can help break down and eliminate bodily toxins. This includes toxins known to contribute to weight gain.

6. It may aid in digestion

A cup of puerh tea may be exactly what you need to enhance digestion and soothe stomach ailments. It’s been shown to help balance the bacteria in your stomach and intestines and help the body digest heavy meals.

7. It may help reduce stress

Puerh tea can help reduce stress by regulating and protecting the nervous system. The gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) found in puerh has also been shown to reduce anxiety levels.

8. It may help improve sleep quality

Although the tea contains caffeine, it may actually help improve your sleep quality. Given its effects on anxiety, it’s thought that puerh can help quiet the mind so that you can drift away peacefully. Puerh is also said to promote melatonin production, which can help regulate your sleep.

9. It may help lower cholesterol

Not only can puerh help lower your cholesterol levels, its protective benefits may also help improve your overall cardiovascular health.


10. It may help ease symptoms of metabolic syndrome

Having puerh tea on a regular basis may help relieve symptoms of metabolic syndrome.

It’s been shown to lower blood sugar, reduce obesity, and boost immunity. Plus, it lowers cholesterol and prevents free radical damage. In other words, it helps tackle all five of the syndrome’s factors.

11. It may help manage blood sugar

Managing your blood sugar is especially important if you already have or want to prevent diabetes. Drinking puerh can help to lower blood sugar levels after meals, which is when your glucose levels are likely to rise.

12. It may help with weight loss

Puerh tea helps promote weight loss — and it can be a great substitute for sugary drinks.

13. It may help promote bone health

Puerh’s positive effect on oxidative stress and inflammation may also benefit your overall bone health. This could help lower your risk of osteoporosis and fractures.

14. It may help prevent heart disease

Its antioxidant and cholesterol-lowering effects may also have a positive effect on cardiovascular health. This could help reduce your risk for heart disease and other cardiovascular disorders.

15. It may be anti-cancerous

Some research suggests that the health benefits of puerh tea extend to preventing cancer. Puerh tea has been shown to inhibit the growth of tumor cells, but more research is needed before your doctor starts recommended tea as a first-line treatment.

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