Prostate Cancer Testimonial

Drinking herbs for three days, I cough up blood… throat pain and swelling subsided

My name is Richard McGuire. I was told that I had prostate cancer later in 1993 and was advised by this doctor even though there were several treatments that surgery would be the best way to go. I put my faith in the doctor and had surgery in May 1994. When they opened me to remove the prostate my doctor said it had gone into the lymph nodes so all he did was close the surgical wound, the large incision did not close and I remained in the hospital just short of six weeks. My doctor discharged me and I was still not closed and my wife had to tend to my wound 3 times a day for 7 months and was finally sent to plastic surgeon to close my abdomen. I suffered a severe pain on my side right after surgery which didn’t happen before the surgery. I was not told what happened to cause such pain that I still suffer to this day. No doctor including the doctor that performed the operation can tell me what is causing so much, pain. I now am injected with Dupond Lupion that I could have had instead of surgery and has one well with it for the past 5 years but my P.S.A. count has increased rapidly in the past 8 months.

In December 1998 I got established with a new primary doctor and on a visit complained if a sore throat. I had been seeing him and sent for medical records since June of 98. The doctor prescribed antibiotics for a sore throat. It did not get well. This complaint was first made to the doctor in early January 1999. Went back to see him. The doctor looked in throat in the with a stick and could see nothing wrong. I stated it hurt when I swallowed so the doctor said I had acid reflux, wrote a prescription said I could see him again in 2 months as I would feel like a new man. I waited and waited to feel better, took pills faithfully but near the end of 2 months could not swallow. The pill got stuck in my throat. Finally, My primary care doctor sent me to a E. N. T. on May 25 1999. The doctor examined my throat and was pretty sure I had a cancer tumor in my larynx. It was verified after an M.R.I. and a biopsy. After my short stay in the hospital I could hardly swallow even water. Some doctors wanted to insert feeding tube and also a track and five radiation and chemo and also call about hospice. I declined that treatment. My family was very upset because doctors said it was fatal.

Son took me to Rady Mon for therapy that gave me relief of my pain. I see Rady on a weekly basis. Rady Mom sent me to Dr. Ming Wu of Sun Garden Herbs. After drinking herbs for three days I cough up blood and other substances, Throat pain and swelling subsided. I drink herbs 2 to 3 times a day and can eat anything. Pain in the throat has calmed way down. Last visit to E.N.T. August 13 1999 stated my lesion has not enlarged after doctors predicted it would grow larger.