Qigong/Tai Chi 1 Month Unlimited Pass - New Student Special Intro Rate

Qigong/Tai Chi 1 Month Unlimited Pass - New Student Special Intro Rate


Tai Chi & Qigong -- The Best of the Ancient Chinese Healing Methods

People across the world have been experiencing the benefits of daily Tai chi and Qigong practice for thousands of years. The slow, mindful movements have been reported to help people:

  • Become stress, anxiety, and depression free

  • Reduce pain and inflammation

  • Strengthen bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments

  • Find peace and balance

  • Find clarity of mind

  • and more...

Ground yourself. Find peace through self awareness. Try an unlimited 1 month pass today.


• Pass becomes active when you take your first class (whenever you choose - no expiration)

• Pass is not physical. It's electronic and is registered in our system (nothing is shipped to you).

• Pass is good for ALL classes the Wu Healing Center offers. Come for anything you'd like :)

West Hartford, CT Location: Wu Healing Center, 45 South Main Street, Suite 100


About Your Teacher, Dr. Ming Wu:

Dr. Wu has studied Qi Gong and Tai Chi in China and the U.S. for over 40 years. He has received authentic Yang Style Tai Chi instruction from his Sifu Grandmaster Gin Soon Chu, disciple of the famous Yang Sau Chung. Dr. Wu has been carefully instructing students in Qi Gong and Tai Chi in the U.S. for over 26 years.

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