Introducing Dr. Wu's Pain Relieving Patch


The earliest record of using medicinal patch to treat diseases in China can be found in Yellow Emperor’s Inner Cannon written over 2000 years ago. Due to its ease of use and painless application, medicinal patch gained more and more popularity. By the Qing Dynasty (1644 -1912), it has become a very common method to treat conditions such as soft tissue injury, sprains and strains, neck pain, arthritis, etc.

Dr. Wu's Pain Relieving Patch


Based on a traditional formula of Fengyang TCM, this patch is made with natural herbs using a modern production technique.

It’s therapeutic effects include:  reducing inflammation, healing bruises, relieving tension, clearing the blocked Qi channels, expelling cold and relieving pain, etc.  

Uses : treats conditions such as soft tissue injury, sprains and strains, old injury, neck pain, hyperosteogeny, herniated disc, arthritis, frozen shoulder, periostitis, and other aches and pains*.   

Materials: non-woven medical fabric, silicone release paper, medical glue, TCM herbs. 

TCM ingredients : Melica scabrosa, nardostachys root, frankincense, myrrh, Salvia japonica, clubmoss, safflower, Sculellaria barbata, centipede, scorpion, ground beetle, spatholobus root and vine, dog button, notoginseng, cassia twig, monkshood, Radix aconiti, Radix clematidis, asarum, camphor, borneol

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Wei Li