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    10/28/17 in West Hartford, CT. Details below.

    You can use these 9 easy lines, now, to treat nearly any condition.

    These acupressure lines were discovered over 1,000 years ago by one of the main figures in Chinese medicine, and Dr. Wu has been treating all of his patients with them for over 27 years.

    After seeing thousands of patients, we know that these lines work.


    Heal Others and Heal Yourself with Tui Na.

    In This Workshop, You'll Learn How To:

    • * Use 9 easy acupressure lines to treat any condition NOW! (see the picture below)
    • * Use the 1,730 year old "Qi Instant Pain Elimination Technique" to instantly eliminate pain, aches, and other conditions in 3 seconds
    • * Find Chi blockages along the 9 acupressure lines (easier than you think!)
    • * Open them up & restore Chi flow (treat conditions)
    • * Use Dr. Wu's "10 Acupressure Points for 10 Everyday Problems" treat 10 Every Day Problems! (Migraines, Gall Stones, Knee Pain, Low Back Pain, Colds/Flu/Sinuses, and more...)
    • * Heal others & heal yourself with simple Tui Na techniques
    • * Perform Tui Na for yourself and others to help treat conditions, or just general maintenance (all the time, anywhere.)

    Learn a skill which saves lives. You'll be able to confidently address a host of conditions after learning Dr. Wu's simple yet profound techniques in this workshop - that's his promise to you.

    Saturday 10/28/17 @ 45 S. Main St, West Hartford, CT. 10am-6pm
    Lunch break from 1-2pm, food provided, but bring a snack :)
    Lesson materials also provided.

    More about the 9 Lines:

    For example, if you have a problem in the stomach, just work along the lines on the spine that are behind the stomach. That should help! Not directly on the spine, but on the side of it. There's a little indentation there. Don't get too close to the spine, but not too far either!

    The line that runs horizontal across the neck is good for any sort of brain issues, and many other conditions. It's really easy to massage there with your thumbs too. One woman was even saved from having a stroke simply by massaging that line!

    We hope you join us for this workshop and see what these lines can do for you. If applied right, this knowledge is very powerful, and can even save lives. Simple, but profound.